ferns soil

What in you is ready to
meet the light?

Get the words flowing in this intimate, welcoming workshop.
All are welcome – especially beginners.

Upcoming Mini-Retreats:

Saturdays, 10am-Noon Pacific on Zoom
$65 (3-retreat bundle: $150) *

February 11
March 11
April 15
May 20


“So precious, evocative, and emergent. I was stunned at what came from my pen, even when writing about a well worn piece of family history – what arose was something totally fresh and unpredictable!!”

Writing can be a vehicle for us to connect with the essence of ourselves and the truth of our lives. This workshop gives you an opportunity to touch into this freeing possibility by providing: 

  • a warm space of welcome and non-judgment so that your voice can start to make its way out from wherever it’s been hiding, and/or unfold from whatever shape it has made to keep itself safe
  • release from the echoes of all the well-meaning teachers, editors, and critics (inner and outer) who have contributed to trimming your true expression—until, perhaps, you stopped writing altogether
  • an escape hatch from your over-thinking brain by expressing (and surprising!) yourself from a place of deeper wisdom
  • an ongoing practice you can use in any number of ways, whether it’s writing a bigger piece, working with others, or simply connecting with your true voice in new ways on a regular basis 
  • new companions in your journey of creativity and self-discovery


After a brief arrival and orientation, we will write 2-3 short pieces based on prompts, read our work, and have the opportunity to give one another sincere appreciation. It is amazing how deep the writing can go—and how quickly—in this kind of holding community.

We are here to practice, not produce. That said, many fully finished pieces are born of this process. 

“I went in open to whatever was going to arise and move through me. So the day definitely fulfilled this expectation, and exceeded it because….no matter what I think could possibly happen, what happens when we write and share is 100% more profound than my wildest imaginings.”

You don’t have to be a ‘writer’ already!

No matter what kind of writer you think you are (including not a writer at all), no matter if you’ve only ever written emails, no matter what language you are most comfortable speaking and writing in, your voice has a place in this session. We look forward to hearing it.


*Please be in touch if cost is an issue, or if you have any questions at all.

“I’m so very grateful for the workshop, I really got filled up. Joy, you are brilliant at holding a rich fertile space for writing, and cultivating kindness and safety. I see that this soul level of online community can exist. I am deeply grateful.”

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