June 2023 Series: Compost

“Our bodies are garbage heaps: we collect experience, and from the decomposition of the thrown-out eggshells, spinach leaves, coffee grinds, and old steak bones of our minds come nitrogen, heat, and very fertile soil. Out of this fertile soil bloom our poems and stories…
– Natalie Goldberg

Wednesdays: June 7, 14, 21, 28
12:30-2pm Pacific



“The series was a treasured and precious experience that gave me a protected space in which to explore and connect.”

Soul Writing series are opportunities to contact and develop your writing voice over a sustained period of time. Each series takes place along a different theme, with varying resources and prompts each week to support you in moving more deeply into the topic. By the end of the last session, you will have generated a body of work that reflects the arc of your life over the four weeks.

The theme for June 2023 is “compost:” exploring what might grow out of our discarded experiences, discovering what wisdom may have formed in the ensuing years, and writing it into consciousness. READ MORE about the power of composting our inner crap.

Love exuded … not the mushy kind of sentimental love our culture fosters, but a highly conscious impersonal kind of love that holds space and presence, and that allows for people to show up just as they are.”

Though there is a theme running throughout the series, we will nevertheless stay true to the spirit of Soul Writing by writing spontaneously, based on whatever is emerging on the day, in the moment. Every session starts with a short meditation and resource to get us into our writer’s body. We’ll write 1-2 pieces based on a prompt, share our work, and get feedback on it from our friends.  

As with every Soul Writing event, beginner’s mind is welcome and encouraged.

“I really liked the weekly format and the space to engage regularly. I appreciated the opportunity to keep coming back to the table. It was also wonderful to be with such a supportive group of people.”

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*No one turned away for lack of funds.
Please be in touch if cost is an issue or if you have any questions at all.