Greetings! I’m Joy Reichart, a coach, writer, and martial artist with over a decade of adventures in somatic and spiritual development.

My training in Integral Coaching, Aikido and personal energy work have grown a deep capacity in me to hold safe, sacred space for authentic unfoldment. I lead writing retreats and energy workshops, and offer personal coaching for folks wishing to align with their deepest longing, their most genuine expression.

I believe deeply in the power of making a start, making mistakes, trusting the process. Far easier said than done—it takes dedication to be a beginner!—but the richest experiences in life grow out of that muck.

What do you hope to begin?

Check out current energy / embodiment offerings here, or head over to to see what’s on offer in the realm of writing and creativity. You can also contact me to talk about how I might be able to support you in a coaching capacity.

Be well.