Discover a path back to your own resourcefulness.

Saturday-Sunday, August 19-20 in Berkeley, CA

Saturday: 9am-5pm, Sunday: 9am-3pm


Do you find yourself overwhelmed, overstimulated, or shut down in certain situations? Do you notice yourself having the same unhelpful interactions with people, or responding to challenges in ways that don’t serve? Does your presence have the impact you want?

It turns out that our bodies have learned ways—patterns—of responding to big energy (positive or negative) and are enacting those self-protective patterns all the time, often with an impact we don’t intend.

Becoming aware of these patterns helps us regain the power of our full presence, giving us greater agency and resourcefulness in challenging situations. They show us our own path back to being more grounded, centered, and less reactive in high-energy situations. As a result, we feel more relaxed and our interactions and communication are more successful.

How this workshop will help you…

In this playful two-day session we will look at five subtle energy patterns. Through dialogue, partner work and embodiment exercises, you will learn about each pattern and begin to identify which are your “go-tos.” Importantly, you will learn a practice of energetic “basics” you can use right away to help you stay anchored, oriented and coherent when your patterns begin to arise. 


About the facilitators

Grace Boda

I am a lifelong student of human development and of awakening—individual and collective–and have studied energy practices for 10 years and spiritual practices for 30. I teach intuitive and subtle energy skills and practices, offer group meditation and energy work, coach individuals and leaders, and offer spiritual guidance to those entering a path of self-realization. By taking these consciousness-based approaches to personal and professional growth, I support people to access the authentic power of their Presence and to know their true creative capacity. In this way, we become transformative influences wherever we are and our very way of being becomes the vehicle and foundation for a more beautiful, loving, and fruitful world.

Joy Reichart

I am a coach, writer, martial artist and lifelong spiritual seeker, all of which have been woven together into various offerings throughout the years. I was certified as an Integral Coach in 2010, during which time I learned the importance (and difficulty!) of living in a human body. It was around that time I began my Aikido practice—I currently hold a third-degree black belt and am an instructor at my dojo, and have become endlessly fascinated by how energy moves between and through people. I studied for four years under Lynda Caesara, a renowned teacher in the field of personal energy work. My coaching and facilitation are about holding safe and welcoming spaces for expression to come forth.