I have yet to hear a newly birthed piece of honest writing that isn’t stunning.

I’m Joy Reichart, a writer and coach who holds gentle space for genuine expression. I facilitate writing groups to welcome words that come straight from the soul.

A bit of my story…

Since I was young, I never trusted myself or my voice. The world was so loud and bombastic and confusing I couldn’t hear myself. I looked to whoever was loudest or strongest or in charge to know how I was supposed to be, what I was supposed to say. I abandoned myself and what I knew was true in order to keep myself safe. I felt pulled apart all the time. 

We all do this in some way in the name of survival. As little ones in a scary world, we find ways to scrunch ourselves—or fight, or contort, or be perfect, or infinite other ways we have of cutting ourselves off. 

If I had anything important to say I put it in writing. It was the only way I could find out what was true for me and make others understand it. Quite naturally, writing followed me through my life and jobs, not because I was passionate about it but because it was the only way my thoughts had the time and space to come through clearly, without being battered about by the loud insistence of the world. 

Still, all my writing stayed in journals, notes, emails, work stuff. Still not trusting myself, my actual voice still wasn’t out in the world in any real way. 

Then in my early 20s I met a teacher who greeted everything her students wrote with unconditional love. It was there I found that when a group of people are writing and telling the truth – and the group honors it – magic happens. Not only do we come to know each other deeply, but we get pointed back to ourselves. The truth of our souls is held up, just for a moment, as the holy thing it is. We see ourselves. We trust our voice. 

I began to trust mine.

In 2020 I gathered an intrepid group of folks and we began this practice of Soul Writing – reaching beyond our brains, our critics, and our fears, writing from a place of truth and knowing, and offering unconditional welcome to the words that come through our friends. 

And what is it that comes through? Brilliance. Every time we are wowed by each other’s honesty, vulnerability, and unique genius. The more we write and read, the more words arrive, and the braver we get. Who we actually are blasts its way through all the ways we’ve twisted or shrunk or faked it or deluded ourselves. 

The truth makes its way from our souls to the page. Every time.

We discover we have things to say. We discover we are, indeed, writers. 

Soul Writing has spread now beyond the core weekly group in the form of regular Mini-Retreats, which are open to all. My greatest joy is witnessing new groups of brilliant writers—most of whom don’t know just how brilliant they are yet!—engage in this practice of discovering their own voices and warmly welcoming each other’s.

In addition to my close lifelong relationship with writing, I am certified as an Integral Coach: a method that works deeply with people at the level of their genuine longing and abundant wholeness. I am also a student and teacher of Aikido, a martial art that is about harmonizing with life and moving through our days with grace.

When I’m not writing or training or holding space for groups of geniuses, I am busy being in love with my husband, our three hilarious chihuahuas, and the beautiful spot in Berkeley, CA that we call home. Though I’ve always loved to travel, the pandemic showed me just how happy I am as a hermit. If I wander past my doorstep again I’ll be sure to write about it.

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