The Hero’s Journey

Fridays, February 4-March 11

Cost: $180*

We’re full! Contact me to be on the wait list.

The Hero’s Journey is a common framework used to tell adventure stories. It’s also a lens through which we might view the story of our life. Each week we will write based on elements of the path. We’ll see what emerges for each of us along this particular route—one that’s been trodden by many an adventurous soul.

True to the spirit of Soul Writing, we will write spontaneously, based on whatever is emerging on the day, in the moment. By the end you will have generated a body of work that reflects the arc of your life over the six weeks.

Also as with any Soul Writing event, beginner’s mind is welcome and encouraged. This is simply a way to honor your soul by listening to its longing.

“It was a treasured and precious experience that gave me a protected space in which to explore and connect.

*Please be in touch if cost is an issue, or if you have any questions at all.

“I really liked the weekly format and the space to engage regularly. I appreciated the opportunity to keep coming back to the table. It was also wonderful to be with such a supportive group of people.”

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