By Michelle Hynes

I’ll never understand why some people don’t seem to care. Why they’re not curious about the way things are, about how other people came to be. Why they don’t feel compassion in the face of great suffering.

“Holding ambiguity in public is part of being human.” Wow. That idea really struck me, on a day when the next thing I’ll do is hold space for a group of people to talk about collaboration.

“I don’t know” is such a powerful sentence. “Let’s find out together,” maybe more so. Who knows what you might find when you take a walk with someone you don’t know yet? It feels both wonderful and terrible to embark on that wandering.

I’ll never understand people who don’t want to know more. Or, maybe I do — but I just know that I will never be that way. Even when the questions lead to more questions, it’s hard for me to close the door and say “enough.”

I’ll never understand everything, no matter how hard I might try.